5 Ways to Clean Painted Walls

The walls hold a lot of value for homes and commercial spaces. A house comes to life with beautifully designed and painted walls; choosing the best colours and, more importantly, a professional painting service is always better. However, walls are prone to staining and marks, and since they occupy a large area, maintaining them can be challenging.

Effective Ways to Clean Painted Walls.

Keeping hands away from walls is impossible, especially when little humans are home. The worst nightmare could be them experimenting with their art skills on your precious walls. So what’s the solution?

In this scenario, the first rule is to opt for washable paints offered by Profixing Painting Contractors Auckland. So even if you walk into a room turned into a sketched canvas, you know the damage is reversible.

Regularly cleaning your walls is essential for maintaining the aesthetics of your space. But how? In case of wall accidents, you do not have to call for new paint; use these methods to achieve a pristine and impeccable look every time or look for interior designs that can save your walls.

  1. Wash them as usual: Many stains and marks, such as pencil drawings, dust, and non-greasy pigments, are not very stubborn. These stains can easily be removed using mild detergent, a soft sponge, and warm water. Add the detergent to water making a liquid soap formula, dip it in your sponge, and buff it against the wall until stains disappear. You can splash it with clean water to wash off the soap or mop the walls with a clean cotton cloth. This will make your walls look like new.
  2. White vinegar solution: Vinegar can work wonders beyond its role as a kitchen staple. Its properties allow you to remove hard stains easily. Stubborn stains that do not wash off with detergent can be easily removed using white vinegar. It is acidic and thus uses its acetic chemicals to cut off grime from the walls. Moreover, it is highly effective in disinfecting walls and areas wherever applied. imply mix equal parts vinegar and water and transfer it to a spray bottle. Sprinkle it all over the stain and let it stay for a while. After a few minutes, scrub it with a soft sponge and rinse it with clean water. You can also add a spoonful of dishwashing liquid and a pinch of borax powder to activate the solution.
  3. Use a degreaser: The paints used by Profixing Painting Contractors in Auckland are of high quality, making them washable and easy to maintain. Therefore, even in your kitchen, where all the grease and grime accumulate, you can use a mild degreasing chemical to remove the oil stains without worrying about the paint. However, most degreasers in the market contain harsh properties that can damage your walls’ satin or gloss finish. Thus it is always better to go for degreasers only if needed. Reading instructions beforehand and consulting the painting agency is what you should put on your list first.
  4. Baking soda solution: Sodium bicarbonate, found in baking soda, is an effective antacid. It is known to remove stains from any area magically. When mixed with vinegar, it becomes an abrasive cleaner and a natural deodoriser. You only need a cup of baking soda, warm water, and a clean towel. Mix powder soda in warm water, dip in your towel and mop your walls as usual. You will be surprised how clean the surface will turn out. You can also add half a cup of vinegar to enhance the solution. But since the solution will turn reactive, it is better to test and apply.
  5. Use castile soap: Castile soaps, commonly known as sugar soaps, are a natural way to clean walls in a soft and non-intrusive manner. They contain olive oils, sunflower, and coconut essentials that are amazing for glossy and differently finished walls. Simply dilute it in water and use this solution to wash and mop the surface using a soft sponge. Tip: avoid using it on matt paints.

Now that you know the effective and easy method for cleaning your walls, you can relax.You can use these methods without much apprehension. But before you begin, here are some pro tips you need to keep in mind:

  • Always dust your walls before beginning.
  • Clean your walls at least twice a year.
  • In case of accidents, try spot cleaning first. Let it be if it blends with the rest of the wall after clean-up.
  • Let your walls air dry, and do not use any heating agent.
  • Wait to wet your walls for too long and let them dry.
  • Use rubbing alcohol or perfume with alcohol to remove permanent marker or ball pen stains.

Feeling like a pro cleaner already? These cost-effective DIY methods will save you not just your time but also your expensive paints. Most of these methods are natural, which means they can help protect your house from harmful chemicals and odors. Sometimes makeovers at home are urgent, in such situations, homeowners often make wrong choices in selecting the best painting contractors in Auckland. Paints are a long-term investment, some mistakes cannot just be washed away like you have read earlier; they can make you regret it for years until you again decide to repaint your space. This is why going for a professional service that connects well with you, understands your needs, and provides the best assistance is important.

Here is what you need to look into while making the final decision. Any service that responds to your queries is not necessarily an expert and a promising agency. You need to research a bit before nodding a yes because indeed it is about your home.

  • Ability: Professional painting contractors in Auckland are proficient with trendy colour palettes. Their creativity and perspective come from their ability to skillfully work on a project.
  • Product knowledge: Technical knowledge is one of the fundamental elements that painters must have. The type of paint and colour for different types of walls must be on the tips. They should provide you with adequate knowledge of the brand they prefer and why. Moreover, things like plasterboards and paints for different setups are different, therefore an expert would never stutter in providing the information.
  • Experience: A service that has been through all times, and worked in different situations and environments for years has the mastery to deliver the perfect work. Your space can be challenging to work with and perhaps you don’t even know about it. An experienced painting contractor will brilliantly deal with the issue giving you the best solution.
  • Accountability: Painting services with a promising approach will never shy away from giving answers to your questions. They will also equip you with ethical security and a warranty on the work. Moreover, they will maintain a proper schedule and will complete their work on time.
  • Communication skills: The experts have the skills to communicate with clients. It is never a one-way conversation but has to have both parties invested in the project. This includes understanding the needs and wishes of the client and working according to them. The contractor must maintain transparency and refrain from keeping things hidden.
  • Pricing: The company you are hiring must provide you with quotations according to your budget. Along with this being aware of the prices is important for the client as well. The overpricing of basic things is a major red flag that you must not ignore while finalising painting contractors in Auckland.
  • Testimonials: Check for brand reviews provided by their previous clients. You can check for acquaintances in your neighborhood who have earlier employed that particular service.
  • License and certificate: The most important thing that you need to crosscheck is the licence and proper certification that contractors must have. Their certificates and other documentation will testify for them.

Where every room and every wall of your home requires pure love and care, Pro Fixing, the one of the best painting contractors in Auckland does all of that with pride. Our working patterns, on-time results and experience, are the plus points with which we help you procure excellent painting for your home.

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