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We have eight full time Stoppers over 15 years experience who specialise in small stopping jobs. From just a few holes to stop a bathroom, kitchen or any room our Stoppers are always happy to deliver a quick turnaround to keep your job moving forward. We just focus high quality level 4 & 5 finishing . Most Stopping jobs are quoted the same day and can be started within several days. If your job is a bit bigger than that we have bigger teams to get whole houses finished in good time.


Our experienced team of GIB® Stopping in Auckland is recognized for doing what we say, when we need to do it. This simple philosophy has consistently allowed homeowners and builders to achieve long lasting beauty in their homes.

Beautiful home interiors start with a professionally done plastering and painting job. Whether you are rebuilding your home or building from the ground up, we can breathe life into your interiors with an impressive plaster and paint finish.

Every room has a different personality and purpose. This predominantly influences the choice of colour and plaster products. Our interior plastering and painting experts of Auckland can work closely with you or your builder to give you beautiful interiors that reflect your taste and lifestyle. Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge of paint and plaster products, we can achieve your vision within your budget. The idea is to make smart choices to cut the cost without cutting corners.

Why Choose us for GIB® Stopping in Auckland?

What distinguishes us from other GIB® stoppers in Auckland is our quality workmanship, experience, on-time project delivery and 2 years guarantee on our work. These are only some of the important aspects of our customer-centric services. Professionalism, consistency, and desire to exceed customer expectations motivate us to do even better.

We work closely with builders, architects and interior designers to create the tone of your home interiors that matches your personal style and unique taste. Our GIB® stoppers pay attention to details and work dedicatedly to achieve the premium finish you always desired to have.

So, be it stopping only the kitchen, bathroom or the entire home, we can work tailored to your needs. Our experience and knowledge of the quality materials allow us to refurbish your home to the highest standards. So, what are you waiting for? Get a home of your dreams with experts by your side, call us now.

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