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We have licensed and experienced waterproofers and we can do all kind of waterproofing jobs, like interior wet area waterproofing, exterior membrane..etc. Our values are to support clients by offering value to ensure that we strive to achieve a high standard of quality to guarantee your property and peace of mind.

” Why we need to do waterproofing …”

Poor wet area design or installation can increase the risk of slips and other safety hazards, and can compromise accessibility and occupant comfort.


Design and building faults can also lead to damage in building structure or finishes – such as rot in framing; deterioration/disintegration of linings, flooring, and cabinetry; and peeling paint. Structural damage in wet areas is becoming more common. It is often not immediately obvious, but can be substantial.

With good design, detailing and installation of waterproof membranes and impervious finishes to manage the moisture generated, wet areas can be durable, healthy, safe and comfortable, and should not result in damage to the building structure, surface finishes and fixtures.

Professional Waterproofing Services

There is no use of spending dollars on painting and decorating your home if it is not waterproofed because, on one or another day, it will start to peel off. Interior wet areas like the bathroom and walls around kitchen sinks are prone to dampness because of moisture. So, a quality waterproofing is a must-have.

Licensed and experienced waterproofers at Pro Fixing® offer professional waterproofing services. Using the high-quality water membrane and innovative techniques, we waterproof your home against leakages. We work to the highest standards that ensure a functional house and offer you peace of mind. It is our quality services that make us the top-choice for waterproofing in Auckland.

We make the entire process hassle-free with efficient management. Our project managers are always with you and update every single detail, so you have peace of mind and surety that the work is carefully taken care of. With our team of waterproofing experts in NZ, you can be assured that your property is in the best hands.

So, prevent damage to your property and get it waterproofed from the specialists in the industry. Call our experts at Pro Fixing® today.

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