We understand that you want a home that perfectly matches your lifestyle, that speaks about your personality, a home that gives positive vibes and a place where you can be yourself.

Interior Plastering Auckland

We understand that you want a home that perfectly matches your lifestyle, that speaks about your personality, a home that gives positive vibes and a place where you can be yourself. And it could only be achieved with the help of expert services that clearly understand customer requirements.

Interior Qualified Plastering Auckland

At Pro Fixing®, we schedule a meet-up with our clients to know what exactly they want. Together with your ideas and our expertise, we come to a consensus and provide our plastering solutions with exceptional results. This is why we are the premier choice for plastering services in Auckland.

So whether you need plasterboard ceiling installation, crack repair or replacement, we have the best services for you. No job is too big or too small for us. With the best tools in our kitty and quality plasterboard suppliers by our side, we create interiors that are worth praising. Discuss your requirements with our experts today.

Commercial Plastering Services In Auckland

Pro Fixing® assists builders and contractors by offering top-notch commercial plastering services in Auckland. We have a strong team of highly experienced and qualified plasterboard fixers who work dedicatedly and give spectacular finishes to walls.

We follow the AS/NZ25588-1988 standards and work in compliance with building standards that ensure durability, perfection and quality.

Our highly skilled plasterboard fixers and stoppers arrive on time, every time and complete the work as per your expectations.

In our over 10 years of work experience, we have successfully over 250 buildings, including residential and commercial. Be it an apartment, school, aged care centre, hospital, restaurant, government buildings or any other commercial structure, we can renovate all. What’s more, you get a 2-year guarantee on our work.

So, Your building without disturbing the work environment with experts from Pro Fixing® at highly competitive prices. Schedule your appointment today.

Professional Interior Plastering Experts Auckland

Plastering is a job that requires precision and experience. At Pro Fixing® you get both. Our plasterers have extensive experience in interior plastering. We pay attention to detail and do our job precisely, leaving no room for dissatisfaction. We are trained to carry out plastering work on a variety of architectural buildings and homes.

So, get your project delivered on time, with professional interior plastering experts in Auckland by your side. Call us now.

Plaster Repairs Auckland

The plaster requires maintenance. When the plaster system is compromised, it requires repairs or even more work. Some of the most common ways in which plaster can get damaged are when something crashes and breaks the cladding or water gets in and damages the plaster.

If the plasterwork is not repaired well in time, it may result in causing problems with the building, or may even result in pest infestation. Interior plastering is very important to maintain the integrity of the building. Therefore, choosing quality services for plaster repairs in Auckland, NZ, is very important.

We are experts in repairing the plasters with a commitment that the work we deliver will last long. Get in touch with our team to get the job done. We provide excellent customer service and are determined to maintain the highest quality and standard of work.

If you are looking for a great interior plastering service in NZ at an affordable price, we are at the right place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though plastering and skimming are carried out to achieve similar results, they aren’t the same processes.

Still, though, skimming is a technique that has come up from plastering.

While plastering can be done in three ways using cement, lime and gypsum plasters, skimming is done within a layer of thin coat over the plaster, to make it smoother.

Most of the common signs of wall damage indicate the need for replastering. However, if you are considering a plaster repair, you should start by looking for the big cracks in the wall.

We are talking about cracks with huge spaces between them. These cracks ruin the appeal of your wall, plus make it weaker. To avoid further damage, it’s best to replaster such walls.

GIB® PRO Fixing is a team of reliable plastering and painting specialists in Auckland. If you are looking for such services or want a free quote, get in touch with us today.

The cost of interior plastering in Auckland depends on the design of the plan, the size of your space, and the kind of finish you are expecting. Give us a call now to obtain a free, no-obligation quote for your project.

Make sure all plasterboard fixing is done. Also, see to it that all walls & ceilings are straight, whereas wall corners & ceiling corners are square. Once our plasterers tick all the three boxes, we deem your room prepared for plastering.

Time wise, it can take anywhere from about 6 hours upto 3 days, depending upon the size of the ceiling. The time also depends upon how well the house is prepared and how the architects' plan layout.

Interior Plastering Auckland

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