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You can count on a high quality house paint finish as our exterior & interior painting service in Auckland will follow and document each process according to your interior or exterior painting project.
Our qualified team with 10 painters promised to supply five star services with great effort to meet customers’ requirements.

Our painting contractors in Auckland work closely with New Zealand’s most trusted paint company to certify that your painting project has been carried out with top quality materials and only according to strict specifications.
Because we certify quality on every painting job, we are able to provide you with a house painting guarantee that is the best in the business.


We monitor the quality of the paint job at every stage and correct errors, there and then so that the final result turns out as expected. We are so confident about our work that we can provide you with the best house painting guarantee throughout Auckland.

Qualified Interior Painters Auckland

Are you looking for a qualified and reliable interior and exterior painting service in Auckland? Give your house the perfect facelift with the help of experienced and reliable interior painters in Auckland fromPro Fixing®. Fast, efficient, and highly professional, our painters are trained to do all sorts of painting jobs. Be it decorating the living room wall with impressive designs & patterns or choosing a new colour palette that matches the home’s architecture; we have the experience and skills to infuse new life to your dreamy home.

From the Ivory White colour for a modern and minimalistic look to the Cherry Red for the contemporary appeal, we help you choose the best paint colours that match your lifestyle.

Moreover, when it comes to the quality of paints, we use only the best available in the market.

Using the most advanced techniques and high-tech tools, we make sure the job is done to the highest standards and within the decided time-frame. We follow all the safety procedures, standard guidelines to provide you with the house painting experience like no other. Recommendations from previous clients and customer satisfaction are testimony of our quality work.

High Quality Painting Services In Auckland

Let our experienced commercial painters in Auckland handle your next building painting project and surprise you with stunning results. We bring years of experience to your project to give your commercial building the superior finish that will be appreciated by your visitors for years to come.

Your workplace reflects your reputation. Don’t let your reputation go for a toss with a poorly done paintwork. Hire our commercial painters of Auckland who understand and possess the level of craftsmanship that it takes to meet commercial painting standards. We are extra careful with every painting job we undertake, be it a single wall, high ceiling or the entire building.
Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Still in doubt about choosing us? Here are five reasons why Pro Fixing®is your best bet.

1. Experience

With over ten years of experience offering top of the line painting solutions to commercial and residential setups in and around Auckland, we have proven ourselves as one of New Zealand’s leading painting specialists.

Whether it’s a regular painting requirement or a mix of several design ideas, our expert painters know the best solution to all your concerns.

As our knowledge of paints and colours guides us towards the best plan of action, our experience keeps us from making mistakes that may disturb the project progress.

2. Trained Professional Painters

To maintain the quality of our projects, we keep strict hiring norms. This helps us get highly trained and professional painters on board, so our customers don’t have to worry about anything.

From mixing the right colours to paying attention to a design’s intricate details, we do it all. Apart from that, our painters also have a great aesthetic sense which allows them to suggest designs and colours that’ll best suit your property. Undoubtedly, the right advice can save you from expensive mistakes.

3. Stress-Free Process

We all know that the painting process can often be stressful for the property owners. Yes, they may have to keep an extra eye on the workers, plus the post-painting cleaning can be a frustrating job.

But not if you hire Pro Fixing®. We are a professional painting company which ensures its customers’ peace of mind by offering them a quick, clean and hassle-free painting service, and that too for reasonable prices.

So, your home or office painting worries are shooed away, and you aren’t required to overspend. Just as good as it gets.

4. Always On Time

We value our customers’ time as ours. And so, we make sure to always be on time. Certainly, you wouldn’t have to spend time waiting for our team to arrive at the location. The work will start and end at the decided time. Also, the project will be completed within the decided period, so you don’t have to worry about inconveniences.

Apart from this, in case of emergencies, we will let you know beforehand, so your time is saved.

If any unseen challenges crop up in the middle of the project, we will communicate them to you with the best solution and the new deadline (if required).

5. Available For You

We understand that it’s not always just about the service. In many painting contracting deals, it may be crucial for us to be available on call for something or the other.

Whatever doubts you may have, we are always here to help. Whether you want to discuss a new plan that just came to your mind, or wish to talk to us for a design that you want to be redone or updated, we are available for you.

Although, we don’t miss calls; but if that happens, we make sure to call back at the earliest. No wonder, our clients love our services and come back whenever a painting need arises.

For more details or a no-obligation quote, feel free to give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Painting costs in New Zealand can largely depend on the contractor. While some of them may charge you by square metre, others may charge by the square foot.

If you choose to paint your own house, on an average, you may save around $600-$800 at the price of your four to five days.

By hiring a professional painter, you will be saving yourself a lot of time, effort and hassle. The mistakes that you may make can also cost you a significant amount of money. So, the idea of savings may not work that well.

To save the environment, it is essential to not only use eco-friendly products but also to install them in the right way. And that’s precisely why we use Resene & Dulux products for house painting and follow sustainable practices.

Yes, our quotation always includes paint & labour cost. So that you don’t have to worry about anything. What are you waiting for? Give us a call on 0800 246 789 to discuss your requirements.

The time factor depends on how many square meters your house is. Typically, it takes less time to paint newer homes than older homes.

In order for professionals to paint the interiors of your house, you need to make sure the walls & ceiling are sealed so that they appear straight. You can call our gib stoppers to prepare the walls for you.

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