Hire Tiling Experts: Read out these 5 major reasons

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Tiling is an important home improvement project that you need a lot of experience. If you don't get the job done right, your building will be compromised and…

Is GIB® the Same as Plasterboard?

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Do you want to make your walls and interior stand out? Do you want 100% sustainable and non-toxic material that offers fire protection, acoustic insulation, and thermal efficiency?…

What is GIB ® Fixing, and what is GIB ® Stopping?

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GIB® Fixing and Stopping are typical terminologies in the world of interior plastering. These terminologies will come up when you choose a qualified GIB® stopping in Auckland like…

Glam up your interior walls with the best décor style!

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Years of saving, months of searching, and days of investment! You finally have your dream home and now the fun part begins - it's decorating your home in…

Especially for work from home employees– A superb guide to create an office at home!

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The current scenario of coronavirus has led to many people leaving their offices and preferring the work from home mantra instead! And we know the seriousness of this…

GIB profixing wanted : 10 staffs (5 GIB® fixers, 5 painters)

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We are looking for 10 staffs( 5 GIB® fixers, 5 painters) full time job. We need staffs now! We are currently working on some of the largest projects…

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