Since we at Pro Fixing® have impeccable standards with regard to professionalism and experience, our team of experts will make sure of the fact that you will get the best plasterboard fixing jobs in the market out there. Since the twin aspects of efficiency and high quality reflect in our work at every angle, you can be sure of the fact that we offer the best competitive market rates for a large variety of projects out there.

Pro Fixing® has a team of 12 experienced GIB® fixers with 5 experienced Site managers to handle projects of all sites . Also, all our works are delivered to Winstone,Elephant, ProRoc… Wallboard’s standards, which means you get the best value for your money and an assurance of a plastering job done to your specifications.


For us, preparation is the key. The material that binds the plasterboards to the walls needs equal attention as the installation process. So, we use the top-quality materials and blend them in an accurate proportion that eases the coating process and gives a premium finish. So, you are assured of getting the highest quality of workmanship from experts of GIB® fixing in Auckland.

So, whether you need minor repair work in your existing home or complete plasterboard fixing in Auckland for a new build, you can rely on us. We start the project on agreed time, do the job as planned and deliver it on-time.

Our professional GIB® fixers operate throughout Auckland and its surrounding areas. Keeping in mind your convenience, we are ready to work during the hours that suit you. That being said, your everyday routine or business operations won’t be affected.

Why Choose us for GIB® Fixing?

When it comes down to finding a service for some of the more detailed and intricate inner household chores and services, things can become a straight up nightmare for those who have no idea where to even start. Regardless of your personal opinion on the matter, that is for sure.
With our service, not only will you have full access to some of the most top-of-the-line GIB® fixers in Auckland who specialise in the best GIB® fixing in Auckland, but they even produce fire rating and plasterboard bracing services.

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